Picture dictionary


the car

the excavator

the balloon

the boating

the unicycle

the railroad

the fire engine

the airplane

the helicopter

the jeep

the ambulance

the coach

the truck

the limousine

the moped

the police car

the school bus

the scooter

the sailing ship

the sportscar

the tram

the tandem

the tank truck

the taxi

the tractor

the vespa

the VW-bus


the pineapple

the apple

the apple cake

the aubergine

the avocado

the banana

the walnut

the beer

the pear

the sweet

the broccoli

the loaf

the spread

the bread slices

the buffet

the burger

the chili

the cornflakes

the cupcake

the dessert

the egg

the eggs

the ice

the iced coffee

the ice cream stick

the peas

the straw berry

the peanut butter

the pickles

the fennel

the fruit juice

the breakfast

the bakery products

the birthday cake

the vegetables

the barley

the beverages

the beverage can

the summit

the grill kebabs

the housewife

the hot dog

the cheese

the cheesecake

the coffee beans

the carrots

the potatoes

the chestnuts

the ketchup

the kiwi

the garlic

the cabbage

the turnip cabbage

the coconut

the conserves

the cotelett

the crab

the cake

the piece of cake

the cake and coffee

the pumpkin

the lettuce

the leek

the corn

the macaroons

the tangerine

the market

the milk

the model bread

the muffin

the nutmeg

the orange

the panettone

the french bread

the pepperoni

the pizza

the popcorn

the poulet

the pudding

the rice

the salad

the salt

the sandwich

the ham

the chocolate cake

the mustard

the asparagus

the cooking oil

the fried eggs

the skewers

the sweets

the soup

the sushi

the sausage

the lemon

the onion


the evening dress

the swimsuit

the swimming trunks

the bikini

the blouse

the flipflop

the belt

the gloves

the shirt

the men's shoes

the wedding dress

the trousers

the jeans

the dress

the clothes

the buttons

the kravatte

the leggings

the coat

the melon

the fashion

the pullover

the pumps

the rain jacket

the ring

the scarf

the umbrella

the tailor's dummy

the socks

the sunglasses

the coneflower

the boots

the sneaker

the watch

the laundry



the worker

the consultant

the conductor

the professor

the needlework teacher

the craftsman

the journalist

the businessman

the waiter

the composer

the nurse

the laboratory technician

the painter

the manager

the sailor

the model

the pilot

the porter

the cleaning woman

the judge

the singer

the referee

the vet

the dentist

the wizard


the recording studio

the recorder

the cd

the cello

the harpsichord

the bassoon

the violin

the guitar

the harp

the horn

the cassette

the castanet

the piano

the concert

the headphone

the cornet

the speaker

the melody

the microphone

the musician

the music

the clef

the oboe

the pan flute

the timpani

the record player

the flute

the radio

the vinyl record

the tambourine

the keyboard

the sound

the drum

the trumpet

the xylophone


the waste

the garbage can

the baby bottle

the baking pan

the cup

the cutlery

the bread knife

the bucket

the chopsticks

the bottle

the meat grinder

the fondue fork

the fondue pan

the fork

the cover

the dishes

the beverage can

the glass

the grill tongs

the housewife

the coffee pot

the cooking pot

the corkscrew

the jug

the chef

the cupboard

the kitchen table

the fridge

the spoon

the knife

the microwave

the mixer

the mixer

the fruit bowl

the oil and vinegar

the french bread

the pet bottle

the pan

the picnic basket

the grate

the salad servers

the salt

the whisk

the cutting board

the bowl

the colander

the sink

the dishwasher

the soup spoon

the soup plate

the cup

the tea service

the strainer

the plate

the toaster

the can

the scale

the rolling pin

the water tap

the sugar box

the ingredients


to bathe

the bathtub

the bathroom

the bath additive

the shower

the shower gel

the hairbrush

the hairdryer

the barrettes

the comb

the loo

the lipstick

the nail polish

the perfumer

the shaver

the razor blade

the shaving brush

the shaving cream

the soap dispenser

to dry off

to put lotion on

to make up

the mirror

the cloth

the cloth holder

the mascara

the toothbrush

the toothpaste


the ambulance

the pharmacist

the arm in plaster

the drug bottle

the doctor

the blood

to measure the blood pleasure

to measure the fever

the thermometer

in the wheel chair

the nurse

the drug

the surgery

the plaster

the nurse

the pills

the pain

the scalpel

the hospital bed

the hospital

the syringe

the stetoskop

the tablet

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